Dance, a song of my lips

Dance, a rhythm of my hips

Dance, a groove of my limbs,

Dance, woman, Dance, girl,

Dance, mother, Dance, sister,

I dance for you that doesn’t move,

I dance for your bones that be so still,

I dance for you, my friend – for you, for youGSMP-2014-2-389

My paintbrush

My paintbrush and I haven’t been together for a while now, every time I think of him I am filled with despair. My paintbrush was truly one of my first loves.

I look back at the time spent together, not really remembering, but feeling.

So much emotion – I felt love, sadness, desire, warmth

The past few months have brought me here. Reunited with my love.

I am the happiest I’ve been in a long time.

We may have fumbled, clumsy, not knowing where or how to pick up

But! We made it, we danced, we swirled, there was rain, there was thunder…..

And then, there was – another piece of art – from my paintbrush and I!

I hope you enjoy!

We all need each other, we are one. Humanity. Ubuntu. Disability Rights11425855_10153044102329891_7585987490794210270_n

Woman like Me

Like you she laughs, she squeals for joy

Like you she hurts, pain in her being

Like you she hopes, yearning for tomorrow

She is a sister, she is a friend

Like you she desires, more and much more

Like you she dreams, of distant lands and their treasures

Like you she plans, plots and schemes

She is a wife, she is a mother

Like you she wants, she needs- something

She’s running, chasing after it

Like you she loves, with unrelenting passion

She is afterall, like you, woman

She seeks that which you want, she is like you

Mortal enemy, after your very soul

Just like you, a heart of gold, bottomless pit

She gives and gives, and gives and gives

She is woman, just like you

Can I love her like a sister, treat her as trusted keeper

Can I care for her, show respect coz she deserves it

Can I be her voice, rise up and speak on her behalf

Can I be her armor, defend and guard her when she needs it

Like me she grieves, she moans, she weeps

She is just like me, a woman so deep

Strength of my bones, music of my soul

Curve of my waist, rise of my breast

A woman, you are, just like me

Sisters, friends, lovers, mothers,

Be kind, be graceful, be true- embrace yourselves

I embrace you, woman, just like me

When Success Comes

The day will come when she breathes no more

The day will come when she lays cold and grey

That day when you moan and groan,

That day your heart will feel so torn

Today she stands, she fights, she weeps

Today she’s here and she breathes

Today as she finds her truth

Her justice, she seeks – for her and her daughters

Today a name she wants to leave,

A legacy for the fruit of her womb

Today through strife and grief

You mock, you beat, you spit

Today you judge for no reason

Today she competes, she claws, crawls and creeps

She needs to get it, wants it, yearns it

Soon she doesn’t know her own name

She forgets her face, noticing the cold eyes starring deep

The day she gets to the highest peak,

She’s done so much, seen so much – shit

She turns around, many faces, none, dear

The cost of fame, the price of a name

The day will come when she asks the question

What was the point if no ones here?

What is it for, when I don’t enjoy it?

The day will come after the pain – She’ll start all over again.

You Get Proud By Practicing by Laura Hershey

If you are not proud
For who you are, for what you say, for how you look;
If every time you stop
To think of yourself, you do not see yourself glowing
With golden light; do not, therefore, give up on yourself.
You can get proud.

You do not need
A better body, a purer spirit, or a Ph.D.
To be proud.
You do not need
A lot of money, a handsome boyfriend, or a nice car.
You do not need
To be able to walk, or see, or hear,
Or use big, complicated words,
Or do any of those things that you just can’t do
To be proud. A caseworker
Cannot make you proud,
Or a doctor.
You only need more practice.
You get proud by practicing.

There are many many ways to get proud.
You can try riding a horse, or skiing on one leg,
Or playing guitar,
And do well or not so well,
And be glad you tried
Either way.
You can show
Something you’ve made
To someone you respect
And be happy with it no matter
What they say.
You can say
What you think, though you know
Other people do not think the same way, and you can
keep saying it, even if they tell you
You are crazy.

You can add your voice
All night to the voices
Of a hundred and fifty others
In a circle
Around a jailhouse
Where your brothers and sisters are being held
For blocking buses with no lifts,
Or you can be one of the ones
Inside the jailhouse,
Knowing of the circle outside.
You can speak your love
To a friend
Without fear.
You can find someone who will listen to you
Without judging you or doubting you or being
Afraid of you
And let you hear yourself perhaps
For the very first time.
These are all ways
Of getting proud.
None of them
Are easy, but all of them
Are possible. You can do all of these things,
Or just one of them again and again.
You get proud
By practicing.

Power makes you proud, and power
Comes in many fine forms
Supple and rich as butterfly wings.
It is music
when you practice opening your mouth
And liking what you hear
Because it is the sound of your own
True voice.

It is sunlight
When you practice seeing
Strength and beauty in everyone,
Including yourself.
It is dance
when you practice knowing
That what you do
And the way you do it
Is the right way for you
And cannot be called wrong.
All these hold
More power than weapons or money
Or lies.
All these practices bring power, and power
Makes you proud.
You get proud
By practicing.

Remember, you weren’t the one
Who made you ashamed,
But you are the one
Who can make you proud.
Just practice,
Practice until you get proud, and once you are proud,
Keep practicing so you won’t forget.
You get proud
By practicing.